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As men we’ve been beaten-up by a world that promises a lot but delivers very little. Most of us are tired, restless, and confused. We pursue fulfillment by giving the best years of our lives to ideas that can’t provide it. We catch “success sickness,” the disease of always wanting more, yet never being satisfied when we get it.

As a result, we cry out with a question...a question that stems from the core of who we are…a question that continues in-spite of reaching the end of yet another pursuit…

“Is this it?” “Is this all there is to life?”

The sad discovery...“It” is incredibly empty! What seemed so sure of providing fulfillment—of filling the void we feel at the core of our hearts—has left us empty and discouraged yet again.

firstPursuit is dedicated to coming alongside men, to helping them discover and hear the Creator say, “I AM IT! I Am what you’ve been searching for. I alone can fulfill your need for adventure and significance. I alone can fill the void.”

I Am what you’ve been pursuing.

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