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God planted the seeds of firstPursuit in the hearts of its founders over 20 years ago through the ministry of Young Life and the intentional life-on-life discipleship of Young Life leaders and staff. Using this approach that Jesus modeled, they began to simply pass on what was so graciously given them to men in their communities, work, neighborhoods, and churches.

Through the shared experiences of sports and recreation, weekly men’s groups, and one-on-one time spent together, many men are now doing the same; they’re influencing, building up, and encouraging the men around them. It’s through the encouragement of these men that firstPursuit was formed.


Our hope is that through firstPursuit: men are encouraged to reach out to the lives around them, being as Jesus said, "fishers of men" who "go and make disciples" of a lost world that needs to be redeemed to its loving Creator.

For information regarding our doctrinal position please see our Statement of Faith.

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